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very nice surprise

Isabelle, 02 Aug 2019

Everything was delicious thank you. Only criticism, the chicken was a bit dry. Would you consider using chicken thighs instead of breast?

Hiromi, 22 Jun 2019

I have eaten from the rusty bike many times but ordered by someone else, the rusty bike is top of the list amazing, tasty, exciting Indian food and I absolutely loved everything I have tried, I would recommend the rusty bike to anyone. 10/10


Your credit card payment system did not work. We tried 3 different card - visa and American Express. And both payment sites including the one under the link for when there are issues with payment.


Was able to track the driver which was very good. the driver was very nice. and food was insanely good and great value.


Very easy and quick to register


We love your food. Just eat wasn’t working. Couldn’t find an option to order drinks on your website


Always great food and lovely service


Lovely food as always


Hello, We were a little disappointed with our order this evening :( We have bought from you several times before and the portioning was significantly different tonight. There was far LESS curry in the containers. Significantly less Jalfrezy and less of everything else. We've always considered your restaurant as the best value for money for such high quality food. But now that the portion sizes have changed, we may well reconsider. We didn't realise that the poppadom option had changed, usually there are two poppadoms as well as mint yoghurt sauce. Now we've realised the change we won't order it again. Delivery took longer than was stated too. We love your cooking and hope this has been helpful :) Best wishes

Joshua T,

We always enjoy your delicious food


Excellent, great quality food, fast delivery, generous portions and taste was spot on!






didn't get any chutneys with the popadoms


could give extra poppadum's with large orders


ok but not great


thank you


the addreess is 17-19 carburton street

Howard Lim,

Always great food, full of flavour and great portion sizes, I’m never disappointed


loyalty card would be great!


No chutney with the poppadoms, 1hr 15mins from order to arrival despite the 45minute countdown, and curries were labelled incorrectly so i had an incredibly spicey mouthful of vindaloo rather than korma. Once passed this we both enjoyed our food, but that was a pretty major error!


Always quick, consistently great food!


Me and my partner are huge indian food lovers however your foods, I am sorry to say this, was probably the worse we had for a while. First of all, the lamb dish that we had was awfully heavy and sickly, almost like eating butter.. also this was extremely salty.. King Prawn Malabar dish was waste of money. It had no flavour and the sauce was like runny like water, also your coconut milk was split... Saag paneer was quite nice but it lacked in flavour. The best thing that I liked about your food was Naan bread which had fresh flavour. Few hours after your food we are feeling pretty awful hence I have decided to write this review as normally wouldn't. But if I was running a business I would like to know that there is so much room for improvement. This was the first time we decided to try your takeaway place in KX however we will not be ordering from you again.


Unimpressed with how long the order took to be delivered - 1 1/2 hours after ordering, twice as long as what was communicated via the website. What is the point of having a countdown on the site if it's completely inaccurate! More so, if you're running behind schedule the courteous thing to do is call your customer to let them know, instead of waiting for them to call you not once but twice as you were also unable to stick to the new time you gave. Sorry rusty bike this is the first time I've ordered from you and it'll be the last.


its nice yes